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              “Try It Yourself Demo Pages

To get a feel of how SetSee works on different types of web pages, follow the links below.  You don’t have to install anything to use SetSee on these pages, as they have been enabled with the SetSee capability using our cloud-based commercial product, the Publisher Edition.  The filtering behavior and user experience (UX) is the same as in the consumer product (the Browser Edition)—the only significant difference is that the former, used on these demo pages, is turned on for pages by a website publisher so that any visitor to the page can use it, whereas the latter is a tool a single user can install in their browser to provide the capability on any web page they visit.

So, use SetSee on these demo pages and see if you can find information more effectively than with the scrolling or browser Find command you would otherwise use.  Each page will load, and then the SetSee panel will pop up in the lower right corner of the browser window, overlaying the page slightly—this is where you enter your search terms:

The demo pages include:


a list of culturally significant plants from the US Department of Agriculture (200+ plants)


 the Tarzan story (in French) by E.R. Burroughs (1,800+ paragraphs)


 a glossary from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (350+ defined terms)


an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) from the US Department of Energy (49 Q&A pairs)


a photo catalog of Hubble telescope photos from NASA (128 photos & tags from 1 page)


a table of patent class numbers & names from the US Patent Office (480+ classes)                


a page of 100 Gmail headers   (this demo is here to show how the Browser Edition would work on your

Gmail inbox—but Gmail is probably not a good candidate for using the Publisher Edition)

It may be useful to type a little more slowly than you normally would, so you can see how the filtering happens continuously as you add (or remove) each character in your query.  Also, try using the BACKSPACE key, the ESC key, or adding zz to any word in your search query.   Mouse-over the Help link in the SetSee panel to understand the search rules that give you the power of Boolean operations (e.g., how to  find either word1 or word2 – using a comma for OR).

Note that these demo pages are slightly modified copies of pages taken from other sites, done so that we can use them for demonstration purposes (the content is  free of copyright)—but the original sites could use the Publisher Edition product and provide the same capability on the real pages.


If you are a website publisher and you like the power of SetSee that you just experienced on the demo pages to make it easier for your visitors to find just the information they want on your long contentpages—and if you want to save your company or organization both time & money by not going to the effort of developing various UI pagination schemes  (often quite frustrating for your users)—sign up for our Beta program for the Publisher Edition, or get in touch: info@SetSee.com.  We’d especially like to hear from you if you might be interested in working with us to refine the customization features.  For example, we expect most commercial customers will prefer a search field that can be unobtrusively integrated into their web page, perhaps like this on a glossary page:

Participants in our Alpha program can help us refine these customization features.

The SetSee Publisher Edition can also give you data, even in real-time, about what your page visitors are looking for within any specific page, so you can make adjustments to the page (pop-ups, advertisements, special offers) or just improve the information experience the visitor has while on the page.  (Again, get in touch if you’d like to influence how we provide that visitor search intent & resultsdata to you via an API and logs.)

If you just want to use SetSee to filter any long page that you personally visit (the site does not need to offer it on their pages, because it is installed in your browser), you can also sign up for the Beta: just indicate that you want to use SetSee for yourself, with the Browser Edition.